Data Migration and Conversion :: Overview

The most difficult part about migrating to a new system is the migration of legacy data. Your existing data is a rich source of business intelligence that you would not want to leave out of the new system. Even if your new application has a data import feature, it would still require you to map data fields from the legacy database to the database of the new system. Data conversion poses similar issues. In data conversion, you also need to ensure that you maximize advantages of features inherent in the new database platform.

Data Conversion steps Symmetry offers data migration and conversion services that help you in a successful, smooth transition. Our data migration and conversion services include the following:
  • Analysis of the applications running on the database
  • Analysis of database schema of the legacy and new databases
  • Mapping database objects
  • Developing import utilities
  • Executing import with post-import analysis of errors
  • Data correction of data that was imported with errors

Symmetry has executed data migration and execution projects for Access, SQL Server, XML, Postgres, DB2, MYSQL and other DBMS systems for NetSuite, QuickBooks, Everest Enterprise, Interprise, Ofbiz, OpenTaps and other business applications.

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