Business Process Re-engineering/Management :: Overview

As organizations grow, processes that were once effective may cease to be so. Rusty processes that have not kept pace with business changes can drag down your progress. BPM Wheel Symmetry’s Business Process Management (BPM) practice helps organizations redraw process maps and leverage on workflow automation and application integration to achieve strategic objectives.

Symmetry offers consulting services for process management and workflow automation that help organizations effectively leverage on process management and workflow automation for increased efficiency and productivity.

Process Management :: Approach

  • Map organization goals and objectives to processes
  • Identify objectives not supported by processes
  • Identify undocumented processes
  • Assess effectiveness of processes and internal controls
  • Retire redundant processes
  • Re-jig outdated processes
  • Design new processes and internal controls
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for critical processes
  • Implement control risk management, self-assessment and reviews for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Clause 49 and similar regimens

Workflow Automation :: Approach

  • Evaluate costs of manual processes
  • Identify key functions and activities that may be effectively automated
  • Quantify the expected benefits from workflow automation
  • Identify applications that can be integrated
  • Build RFPs for BPM Workflow Automation systems
  • Review and assess responses to RFPs
  • Perform ROI analysis
  • Build BPMN-compliant process models
  • Integrate BPM workflow software with applications
  • Setup and configure BPM Workflow solutions to match organizational environment
  • Roll out BPM workflow automation in a phased manner across all functions
  • Measure ROI post-implementation