Solution Synopsis :: Requirement Analysis

The following are selections from Symmetry’s process management portfolio. This synopsis summarizes solution highlights and salient information. Detailed case studies with details are available on request.

Sarbanes-Oxley, Clause 49

Symmetry was engaged to provide the scope definition, requirements analysis and functional architecture for development of a Compliance Management Software Solution. The Compliance Management Solution enables organizations to implement a collaborative compliance management platform with features for defining the organization hierarchy, processes, risks, controls, test plans and assessment schedules. It also provides organizations with out-of-the-box tools, document templates and workflows to expedite assessment and self-certification under Sarbanes-Oxley and equivalent Acts. Symmetry worked with the Product Management team of the customer through the product lifecycle to establish scope, define requirements, and verify that the implementation matched the specifications.

Requirements Mapping and Documentation for Supply-Chain Management Platform

The client is a leading provider of an on-demand supply-chain management platform which is used by large manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Supply-chain processes of end-user organizations are identified and mapped to functionality and features in the supply-chain software. The process flow at every stage in the supply chain is documented and provided to the user organization. Symmetry worked with the supply-chain solution provider in the requirements definition and documentation of SCM processes for a multi-national electronics company, its global manufacturing units and distributors.

Validation of functional architecture for a microfinance project

The client, a leading software development firm, was in the development phase for a microfinance and banking project. Accounting of loans, repayments, write offs and interest was a crucial project component. The client wanted to validate that their design of the accounting component was correct. Symmetry made a study of the proposed technical and functional architecture of the project in the context of the accounting function. Symmetry worked with the client’s business analysts to identify design flaws and recommend changes.

Business Process Re-engineering/Management