Solution Synopsis :: Process Engineering

The following are selections from Symmetry’s process management portfolio. This synopsis summarizes solution highlights and salient information. Detailed case studies with details are available on request.

Troubleshooting process issues in an ERP project

A leading Indian not-for-profit was in the process of implementing a custom-built ERP software. The project was beset with several problems from inaccurate definition of scope, feature creep and redundant requirements. After two years, the business users and the vendor were at the end of their tether. Symmetry was brought in as a consultant to perform a root-cause analysis of these issues, provide resolutions and take the project through to completion.

Defining processes for centralized business operations

As a process initiative, a leading not-for-profit planned to centralize and subsequently outsource their resource management processes. The client’s processes hinged on many external entities – banks, direct sales associates and outsourced agents. The client also was geographically widespread with units across India. The objective of centralization was twofold – to reduce processing costs and time. Symmetry was assigned to perform a study of the current system and design a centralized operations model. Symmetry’s business process management team defined the model with task-level details of information flow from the various entities that optimized cost and time.

Business Process Re-engineering/Management